Gord Miller

Jan. 10, 2020

Scripture Readings

As I open my Bible to read of the birth of Isaac, I wonder what the Lord will show me (yes, he still speaks to us), and how he might change me (yes, I still need it). I’ve read this story many times, and I’m once again enthralled with God’s intentional plan for his people. And then I chuckle (sorry Lord – was that irreverent?). After waiting 25 years for God’s promise, at 90 years old, Sarah delivers her son, Isaac, and says, “The Lord has made me laugh”! Not the response I’d expect from any woman I know. Time passes, Isaac is growing up, and Sarah’s views toward Hagar and Ishmael change. She even tells Abraham to send them away! Abraham’s not happy with this, so he has a chat with God. Then I chuckle again (another apology). God’s response is, “Do what Sarah tells you” — and Abraham does. Not a common response among the men I know. The logic is not in the human eye; the beauty is in their relationship with the Lord. Each step in their journey, they learned more of God’s faithfulness, and that surrender leads to greater trust. So when the Father asked Abraham to surrender his son, Abraham, even amidst emotional turmoil, he chose to trust. In obedience, Abraham walked a path of sacrificial surrender with his son and was met with the Lord’s gracious provision. 

Jesus continually calls those he meets to a deeper relationship with the heavenly Father. His words were counter-cultural and were greeted with varying responses. Disciples followed Jesus into a boat because they were drawn to his message. But it wasn’t until he calmed the storm that they trusted his path. The crowd saw demons cast out and were terrified. The lame walked; the “religious” scoffed while the redeemed worshipped. Even the demons knew him fully as the Son of God and cowered in fear. 

Friends, we are all on a journey. The Lord’s open hand invites us to a deeper walk with him. Sing with the psalmist, “I will thank the Lord because he is just; I will sing praise to the name of the Lord most high!” Make sure you are on the path; keep walking, one step at a time; be met by his gracious provision.

Foothills Alliance Elder