The Greater Work of Jesus

Jan. 15, 2020

Scripture Readings

Where do people land on your priority list? Honestly? Imagine this: it’s your day off, and you have the day all to yourself. The phone rings and it’s the person you met at your neighbour’s Christmas party. You are still very much at the “acquaintance stage” of things. They seem to think the relationship is at the “let’s hang out together” stage. They want to get together later that day. What do you do? 

Here’s my honest answer to this question: I probably don’t answer the phone in the first place. I resonate with what Bob Goff says in his book Everybody, Always: “I’ve spent my whole life avoiding the people Jesus spent his whole life engaging.” There are times I would rather do my “religious duty,” than express mercy. Mercy is hard. But Jesus came to love people. He came to show people how to live a life perfectly on earth: loved by the Father, redeemed by the Son, filled with the Spirit. This is what enables us to love people.  

Jesus met this man on the Sabbath, a day surround by laws and restrictions. The Pharisees see the rules being broken and Jesus responds with this: how much more important is intimacy with God than with rules set in place? You see, the Pharisees had missed a very important fact – Jesus is God. The disciples were literally walking with God on the Sabbath. Here’s the reality, someone is here who is better than the law, which was intended to bring people to God. Jesus is the God of the law himself. 

Here’s where this all comes together. When we realize what Jesus did to fix our broken relationship with the Father, we begin to grasp the depth of the meaning behind Matt. 12:6: “Something greater than the temple is here.” What is greater is that GOD CAME TO EARTH TO LOVE HUMANS! It’s then we realize that we need to take open doors to relationships with people who don’t know him yet more seriously. Jesus died to redeem people and does his best work through us.  

Today, I want you to do two things: reflect on the gravity of what Jesus says in verse six, and then find ways to apply that to your life. You and the people around you will be different for it.

Andrew Berg

Student Ministries Pastor