The Master of the Universe

Jan. 31, 2020

Scripture Readings

Congratulations on reaching the last day of January in the 2020 Project! I hope and pray you are as encouraged as I am in reading through the Bible this year.

We all love a good storyline, don’t we? Whether it’s a good book or an epic movie, there’s something enticing about a story of redemption. It’s in our God-given nature to hope for good to overcome evil. I was only nine years old when the original Star Wars came out. A mere 42 years (at Light Speed) through my teen years and adult life, I finally had the chance to see if the evil empire would actually rule the universe. Sorry for letting the geek in me come out, but that 9-year-old kid in me had to sit through eight more movies to finally find out ... talk about an exercise of patience!

Todays’ scripture readings focus on three men who are held in much higher esteem than fictitious characters living in “A galaxy far, far away.” David was a real-life king in waiting, hiding out in caves and running for his life. Job was a hurt and broken man left to face a life of catastrophic loss alongside a group of less-than-compassionate friends. And Jesus entered Jerusalem with much fanfare from the very people who would turn their backs on him a short time later.

I am not sure what life is like for you today. Maybe you are feeling betrayed by someone you felt you could trust. You may feel isolated and alone following a loss and are in need of redemption from a dire situation. It is often in these moments of need that God does his most meaningful and life-changing work. Whatever you are facing, be encouraged through the words of our real-life heroes today.

“In my distress I called upon the Lord … my cry for help before him came into his ears.” – Psalm 18:6

“As for me, I know that my redeemer lives.” – Job 19:25

We are not strong enough to face life’s struggles on our own. Thankfully we have a father who rules the entire universe and still loves us too much to leave us isolated and alone. Rather, he is able and willing to enter our story and save the day. What a redemption story!

Brad Boschman