Answering His Call

Jan. 4, 2020

Scripture Readings

A number of years ago, I was visiting a neighbour who had recently developed a serious illness. While there, I felt a prompting to pray for her for healing – but I dismissed it. Instead, I left and went about my day. I often think about that missed opportunity, and wish I had been bolder to step out in faith to pray for her. Thankfully, she made a full recovery. Whether Jesus would have supernaturally healed her that day if I had prayed, I do not know. But what Jesus gently showed me later, was that he had led me to go to my neighbour’s house that day, and in doing so, he was inviting me to minister his love to her through faith and prayer. When God invites me to follow him, he invites me to take steps of faith and partner with him to bring his love and presence to people and places around me.

In Matthew 4, Jesus calls his first disciples, Peter and Andrew. Jesus invited them to follow him, but he also invited them to a new assignment for their lives - to “fish for people”. I love their response, “At once, they left their nets and followed him.” They immediately dropped everything! Likewise for James and John. They all made radical adjustments in their life when they accepted his invitation! Jesus has invited me to follow and be on mission with him. But this requires steps of faith, and an adjustment of my life in some way. But it also means I get to be a part of his work and grow in my relationship with him!

What about you?

How might Jesus be inviting you to partner with him these days? Is there a person he may be asking you to spend more time with? A ministry he has been laying on your heart? Perhaps he is inviting you to spend more time deepening your own relationship with him? What might you need to adjust in your life to join him in his invitation to you? Or maybe today you are hearing the invitation to follow Jesus the first time? It’s the best invitation you’ll ever receive! Are you willing to take a baby step of faith, make some adjustments in your life and explore what that might mean for you?

Mandy Trask

Foothills Church Elder