What is your foundation built on?

Jan. 9, 2020

Scripture Readings

Just over a year ago our family was returning to the cold of Calgary after spending a week's vacation in San Diego. Though most Californians were avoiding the beach in late December, water and sand was a part of our fun, including sandcastle building. If you've ever built a sandcastle, you know how important it is to consider the ebb and flow of the tide as you build. There's no question the waves will come. And the tiniest wave that makes it beyond the protective barrier you've created, has the potential to devastate the foundation of your carefully constructed fortress. There is a constant ebb and flow of choices all around us. And every choice we make either strengthens and protects the foundation of our God-centered life, or it doesn't. Very rarely is a choice simply neutral. Our foundation will be shaped by the influences we allow into the fortress of our lives: our heart, soul, mind and will. Jesus said that our foundation must be that we listen to his teaching and follow it. Many of us will be able to avoid the aggressive and relentless pleasure-seeking, deadly disobedient curiosity, and unbelievably reckless decision-making behaviours we read about in Genesis 19 and 20. But are we making the best choices we can with all that God gives us? Are we being thoughtful and wise? Here are some questions for us to ponder: * Am I committed to healthy, life giving relationships within my family and friend groups? * Am I curious and passionate in the things that God really cares about? Does how I invest my time and energy reflect that? * Am I wisely putting Jesus' teaching into practice in the way I live in private (my thoughts, my attitudes, my prayer life, my study of scripture), and with others (at home, at work, in traffic, in the community, with strangers)? It's the choices we've made in advance, empowered by the Holy Spirit, about who we're going to be that will sustain us through the storms of life. This is Jesus-style wisdom, and it builds a faith foundation that becomes virtually impermeable. Key thought: "Anyone who listens to my teaching and follows it is wise..."


Rebecca Schnell Worship Arts Director at Foothills Alliance Church