All you need

Oct. 1, 2020

Scripture Readings

Paul speaks here about working out our salvation with fear and trembling. What was he talking about? 

I believe it means that we become so close to God that we wouldn’t dare do anything that would hurt him because we love him so much. If we continue to grow in the Lord, we will let earthly things fall away as they become less important than doing his will for our life. This takes a lot of working out on our part. So initially we become saved from eternal death and given eternal life, but our salvation doesn’t stop there. With Christ at the centre of our life, we now take on the responsibility of becoming more and more like him, working on our faults and making him #1. He must become all in all. We spend time in his word, and become more like him as we change our attitudes and behaviours. 

About five years ago, I had an angelic visitation in the night. A brilliant angel stood on my right and fed me three wafers, and said with authority each time he put a wafer in my mouth, “EAT THE WORD, EAT THE WORD, EAT THE WORD.” I began devouring the word of God and the Spirit made things come alive as I read them. I began to have daily communion, as the truth was revealed to me that as we partake in the physical gesture of communion, we are developing an intimate relationship with Jesus. Thus began a journey of living in such a way as to never hurt the heart of God by deliberately sinning again. Dreams and visions began to open up a new way of living as a Christian. Gone was the boring task of reading the Bible. The Lord began to wake me up in the night and I felt the urge to pray. I believe that as we begin to obey the promptings of Holy Spirit and intercede with him, great things are accomplished in our lives and the lives of others. 

Living a holy life is attainable, as we begin to live out what we read in the word. What we eat, we become. 

When you dwell in the things of God, you will only want more of him, and he becomes all you need.  


Heidi Bryden

Heidi loves her family, painting, writing, riding and hearing God speak to her!