Ambassadors of Christ

Oct. 26, 2020

Scripture Readings

Ten months ago, I joined many others committed to reading through the Bible in 2020. Every morning I could hardly wait to read the many different devotionals.

This morning, I’m afraid all I can say is thank goodness we’re finished with Jeremiah!! Jehoiachin did evil in the sight of the Lord and ended up in exile for 37 years. Even though he did not deserve it, a new King of Babylon, King Awel-Marduk, showed him kindness and gave him a seat of honour. An act of kindness with a tremendous impact on an underserving life.   

The book of Titus is a letter written by Paul to Titus. He refers to Titus as a true son – someone with a common faith.

In my Bible, you will find many of the versus in the first chapter of Titus underlined. My husband was an Alliance pastor for many years. I have always thought these verses held us as elders in the church to a very high standard.   

We were to be blameless, have obedient children, be not over-bearing, quick-tempered, drunk, violent or dishonest- just to mention a few. 

We were to be hospitable (easy for me), self-controlled, upright, holy and disciplined.

I want to add here about our children. Never did we want our girls to feel that they were responsible for their father’s success in ministry. They were however, accountable to God for the life they lived.

If we claim to know God our actions  will show this by:

· The choices we make

· The way we treat people

· The way we serve, or don’t serve

· The words we use

· The people we chose to love

· The people we secretly hate

As followers of Christ we become his ambassadors. And this is what we see happening in the passage from Titus. 


Marilyn Parsons

Wife, mother, grandmother, nurse … Marilyn never lacks things to do in life!