Remain in me

Dec. 1, 2020

Scripture Readings

As I wake up each day, I wonder what the day will hold. My first instinct is to grab my phone in order to scan news headlines or to scroll through my Inbox. However, on better days, I catch myself before my hand touches the phone. On these better days, I begin my day not by making plans but by talking to God. Talking to my God. Talking to my heavenly Father. “Good morning,” I would say. And he would remind me, in his quiet way, which regardless of what my day might hold…“His love endures forever.”

The world reminds me, every chance it gets, that I am either winning or losing, I am either seizing the day or wasting my life away, and that if I’m not getting ahead then someone else is leaving me behind in their wake. The world reminds me of what I don’t have and what I should feel and believe is important. My world is very, very noisy.

God simply wants me to know that he loves me, he is for me, and he is sufficient for me. But the question is “Do I believe him”? In this, 1 John 2:22 is a blunt instrument, driving home the reality that my answer is not revealed in what I say, it is given away in my actions. Not the actions others see, but rather the actions which others don’t see, as these actions reveal the real state of my heart. Do I know the truth but still turn away to chase the noise of the world?

Today’s passage in Daniel shows me the sweep of history and Jesus’ place in it, his victorious and irrepressible place; Jesus will not be denied! In 1 John, God reminds me that whether I am young – or not so young – he knows the state of my life intimately and is present. Period. Does this scare me, make me want to shut him out, or do I embrace this? Finally, Psalms 136 reminds me that God’s love is present in both the grandest as well as the most basic of moments.

I pray that today, what I have heard from the beginning, remains in me.


Greg Young

Long time foothills member who gives leadership to engineer ministries international (EMI), which uses the volunteer efforts of engineers, architects, surveyors and many more to help build meaningful ministry projects around the world