Yea, Lord, We Greet Thee

Dec. 25, 2020

Scripture Readings

Occasionally, one of our 2020 writers gently whines or complains about the passages they are assigned to write their devotional with.  (I forgive you, Conrad)  Today, I join the ranks of the grumblers!  It’s Christmas and I’m supposed to write from Rev. 17 — the story of the great whore of Babylon.  Are you kidding me?!

Thankfully, there’s Nehemiah.  Wait.  That’s a passage that sounds more like a genealogy than anything else.  Those things induce sleep even quicker than one of my weekend messages.  I could highlight Malkijah, who had the joy of building the dung gate.  Or maybe chastise the noble men of Tekoa who refused to put their shoulders to the work.  

I thought I could go off script and look into Matthew 1 but alas, another genealogy!  There are three sections to the list of names, beginning with Abraham, then to David and finally, the times after the exile to the Babylonians!  There they are again!  The dreaded Babylonians!  I can’t escape the evil lady!  Thankfully, at the heart of Rev. 17 is this simple statement:  “This calls for a mind with wisdom.”

To navigate the complexities of Revelation, we need God’s mind and God’s Spirit to guide us.  The chapter ends with the truth that God’s words and plan will be fulfilled.  It’s a lot like Christmas.  Early in the Bethlehem story, it must have seemed to Mary and Joseph that nothing was going right.  An unexpected pregnancy; an earlier than expected delivery; the most unexpected visitors.  Yet in the midst of all the chaos, a Saviour was born! Joy to the world – the Lord came.  Let earth receive her King!  

Psalm 147:13,14 reminds us that peace and strength come from the Lord to his people.  This is the truth of Christmas too!  The Prince of Peace comes to deposit his peace in our lives.  O come let us adore him!  Where your heart is anxious, make room for the One who embodies and extends peace exactly where we need it.  Not just at Christmas – but every day of the year.

The ultimate message of Revelation is that God wins.  The ultimate message of Christmas is that you and I win!  But for this time, we have Jesus.  Thanks be to God.  May the wonder and hope of Christmas live deeply in your heart this year!

Merry Christmas Foothills Family!

Pastor Ian

The one in our family who still wakes up first on Christmas morning!