I Love The Law of the Lord

Feb. 10, 2020

Scripture Readings

People often chafe at rules and regulations, even though they are designed to make your life better. Think of a world without clear laws, and you will soon understand the chaos that would arise – in commerce, in transportation, even in social situations. We navigate these domains successfully because we know the “Laws of the Land.”

And so it is also with God’s law. Psalm 19 is a foundational text for those who love God’s word. It proclaims the truth that the Word of God is good for us, designed to guide us aright, and leads us to salvation. On reading his word, you will find that it contains guiding precepts and instructions for upright, holy living. We need to follow this guidance to eliminate the chaos created by sin, and to live happy, productive, fulfilled lives and to be an example to our world of what a faithful believer looks like.  

But the Bible contains more than just rules to guide our lives. It also contains:
1. History – Accounts of significant events and people of the past that help us understand our world today and God’s grand plan for humanity.
2. Covenants – Commitments God has made to us – providing a path of grace for salvation, being with us at all times, guiding, caring for and comforting with his Holy Spirit.
3. Worship – Poems, songs and prayers that demonstrate how we are to respond to God’s undying love for us.
4. Prophecy – Description of significant events that are still to come, events that will wrap up this age and usher in God’s final victory over sin and death and fulfill his eternal promises to us.

… and so much more.  

The law of the Lord is a complete package. Reading it, meditating on it and following it daily is a fundamental spiritual discipline.

The closing prayer of the Psalm 19 passage is one I repeat regularly in my private prayer times – it reflects the deep desire of my spirit: “May the words of my mouth and the meditations of my heart be acceptable in your sight, my Rock and my Redeemer.” Only by regular meditation and reflection on his law, and with the Holy Spirit’s constant guidance, will we be able to come to that place. I pray that your regular time in “The Law of the Lord” fills your heart with understanding, wisdom, comfort, joy and peace.

Ken Chapman

Congregant; former Foothills Elder; keeper of every set of minutes ever recorded!