New Traditions

Feb. 13, 2020

Scripture Readings

When I was a kid, my dad and I watched the Prince of Egypt. This movie depicts the life of Moses from birth until the escape through the Red Sea. The Prince of Egypt is a children’s movie, and while entertaining, it glosses over important aspects of the Moses story.
Many of us grew up hearing about the baby in the basket, the 10 plagues and the parting of the Red Sea. We focus on the exciting parts of the story, but there’s a chapter hiding between the death of the firstborn sons of Egypt and the parting of the Red Sea.  

“When Pharaoh stubbornly refused to let us go, the Lord killed the firstborn of both people and animals in Egypt. This is why I sacrifice to the Lord the first male offspring of every womb and redeem each of my firstborn sons. And it will be like a sign on your hand and a symbol on your forehead that the Lord brought us out of Egypt with his mighty hand.” (Exodus 13:15,16)

These verses explain the beginning of the Passover tradition, which continues to this day. Traditions are cherished because we use them to pass down our beliefs from generation to generation; they teach us and remind us of who we are and why.

In my family we have a great new tradition; we go carolling around Christmas. It’s by far my favourite tradition. When we go carolling, we use the faith-based carols, Silent Night, Joy To The World, O Come All Ye Faithful, etc. This tradition reminds us of the true meaning of Christmas and even if our carol listeners aren’t Christians, we are boldly declaring to them we believe the God who created the heavens and the earth came down as a baby to save us because he loves us. 

In the movie Elf, the elves learn the best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear. I think singing loud for all to hear, and using the talents God gave us is really the best way to spread the true message of Jesus, and that’s our job as Christians: spreading the good news of his sacrifice and the salvation it brings. We need to spread that message, and as daunting as that task may seem, it can be as simple as creating a new tradition.

Abby Schnell

High School Student who spends most of her time raising her parents.