A Day in the Life of Jesus

Feb. 16, 2020

Scripture Readings

In the middle of dramatic and startling events, Jesus removed himself and retreated to an isolated and desolate place. He, Jesus, the Son of God, took time to pray. He didn’t allow the extraordinary opportunities of a spectacular public ministry to rob him of what he needed most – PRAYER. Time alone with his father!  

It is almost embarrassing to discover that we may be guilty of allowing good things, even important things, to rob us of the very best that Jesus so clearly demonstrates for us in this snapshot of a day in his life. Think of those disciples who had witnessed Jesus healing diseases, commanding demons, setting people free from spiritual bondage, now discovering him alone in quiet earnest intercession with his father. Think of it. If Jesus needed to do this, how much more do we!  

And in today’s reading, David (Psalm 22), in one of his melancholy moments, described how relief and fresh resources were only realized in his eventual “close encounter” with his maker. It could helpfully be said that the busier we are, or the more downcast we may be, the greater the need to “escape” to a solitary place and talk with the Father! And, again in our reading today, consider how Moses – while alone – in that remarkable experience at Sinai, met God in a way that equipped him to meet the grand task that was set before him.  

So, consider how our sovereign Father, HEARD his own son in a secret and sacred moment, and ATTENDED to David pouring out his heart and SPOKE to Moses on the mount! 

This same father waits on you in this quiet, holy moment. What grander way to order your day. Choose now to be his eager, attentive and obedient child.

Gordon Fowler

Former Pastor of Foothills and current hero and mentor to our Lead Pastor (and many others too!)