The good, good Father

Feb. 25, 2020

Scripture Readings

God is good – always good! All through his Word he gives us a plan to follow, and promises his help and his future reward. The instructions about building the tabernacle (his house) were very specific. Only the best materials were to be used by skilled craftsmen who could follow directions completely. Everything was carefully recorded and everyone contributed.


Everything pointed to God's holiness. He would expect and accept only the most perfect materials and work. He does not leave us on our own to find a way to heaven, but gives specific instructions and examples of what pleases him. Peter acknowledged of Jesus, “You are the Christ” – the one God sent to show us how to live. Now we look to the Lord Jesus Christ who is the Perfect One, who all of the Old Testament pointed to. He does not ask us to build buildings, as he does in the Old Testament. But because of his great love for us, he has given us his plan in his word, and we follow his instructions with diligence. He asks us not to be ashamed of him here and now, but to give up our own interests and rights and, ignoring ourselves, strive to know and follow him. The promise is the blessing of his presence now, and eternity with him forever.


Sometimes it is hard for me to see and follow God's plan as revealed in the Bible. I want to go my way. He is faithful to continue to prod me in the direction he wants me to go by bringing circumstances to my life that force me to depend on him. When my deep desire is to be pleasing to him and I diligently seek his plan, he continues to lead me toward holiness, to be more like Jesus. He is faithful.


God continues to work his good plan.

Leone Thomas

Wife, Mother, Grandmother, Precept Bible Teacher, Holy Land Traveller!