Building space for God

Feb. 26, 2020

Scripture Readings

Congratulations! Today you will complete the reading of Exodus. Many of us may have felt like skimming this whole book, but I hope you were able to persevere. So why do we need to read about the construction of the tabernacle and the making of priestly clothing anyways? And twice in great detail at that!

I’d like to think that God wants us to remember something very important. Do you remember reading the first few chapters of Genesis? God made a very beautiful creation and put Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. He told them in Genesis 1 to fill the whole earth and to be in charge of it. We all know that Adam and Eve did not do a great job of the tasks they were given and they were expelled from the garden.

Now in Exodus, God has switched it up. He has given his people very specific instructions for the tools, the building and the ceremonies needed to worship him. They were given the job of creating. And when they complete the work to his exact specification, God comes down and fills the tabernacle with his glory! The important thing to remember is that God WANTS to dwell with us!

Do we spend our time learning more about God so that we know his heart?

Note one of the other passages you are reading today. The Psalmist gives us some great examples of ways that we can be sure our hearts are right with God, and ways that we can praise him. We can act with integrity.  We can trust the Lord without wavering. We can sing a song of thanksgiving and tell of his wonders! And we can be confident that he is always willing to fill our lives with his glory if we are consistently following his instructions.

Let us covenant together to build the kind of space that will glorify God and the kind space where he that will be worthy of his holiness!

Steve Plett

Elder, Dad, Husband, businessman, Nursery volunteer and way-too-proud uncle to Payton!