Safe people and safe places

Feb. 27, 2020

Scripture Readings

Psalm 27 talks about evil men, enemies, armies and war. Much of the Psalms are David's pleas for God to save him from his enemies, which makes us ask: who are our enemies?  

I don't have to think long to know my enemy is often my own mind. Diagnosed with major clinical depression many years ago, and being told I likely will never be free from it, brought up another feeling – fear. I was afraid of my own mind! This place where I talk to God, where I listen for his voice and direction, how could I trust my own thoughts? I remember the first time I met with a psychiatrist and asked my constant question: "As a Christian, how could I know when my thoughts were from God or when they were symptoms of depression?" I will never forget his gentle eyes looking at me and saying, "We are physical and spiritual people, so it will always be both." That simple statement freed me to first, embrace the gift of medication for the physical part of my brain that is a bit broken. And second, Satan will try to use this to separate me from God. When I am well, I hate depression. When I am not, I hate me. And I'm afraid.

You may be struggling with other things that are like an enemy to you and bring up fear. In Mark 9, the disciples were arguing about who was the greatest. Could the root of that be fear of being the lowest? The disciples told a man to stop casting out demons because he wasn't one of them. Maybe they had fear because he wasn't doing things the "right" way according to them. Then, the Pharisees challenged Jesus about the letter of the law on divorce. We are hard on them, but likely they were afraid of what they didn't understand, of something different, of their hierarchy being turned upside down.

Numerous times the Bible documents Jesus' love for children and tells us to come to him as a child. When children are afraid, where do they go? Usually to someone or somewhere safe. In Psalms, David tells us not be afraid or fear because the Lord is our safe place! But what does that actually mean when we are in times of trouble? For me, it means asking the Lord to show me where safe places are, safe people to be with, safe words to hear. Sadly, it hasn't always been church or Christians, but thankfully, God continues to redeem that. If you feel troubled and afraid today, be confident that the Lord and his word is your safe place. Ask him to show you safe people and places when you struggle in difficult seasons.

Elisa Boschman

Mom of four girls, wife of one man, Westjetter, super great lady!