Excuses, Excuses

Feb. 9, 2020

Scripture Readings

We've all been there. Got the invitation to that thing we really didn't want to go to, or been given a 'to-do' from someone that we're not keen on committing to. So we make an excuse as to why we can't attend the function or go through with the 'to-do' item, and we bail. We may have some small amount of guilt, but at the end of the day, we're okay with ourselves because we've been able to justify our decision. But then there are those things which we can't get out of no matter how many excuses we pile on top of one another … Welcome to Moses' predicament.

Back in Exodus 3, God met up with Moses via a burning bush. Pretty crazy encounter for Moses that left him with a task - free God's people out of Pharaoh's tight grip (3:10). In today's reading, we see Moses trying desperately to negotiate the terms of the contract. We hear phrases such as, "but … who am I, what if," to the more polite, "Pardon your servant," and then finally ending with the outright defiant, "just send someone else." That last response, Moses declining the job offer, surely did not please God.  

Now it's been said that perhaps Moses really couldn't speak all that well, as he suggested, and that he may have had a stutter. But it's also been said that Moses was highly educated and well-spoken (Acts 7:22). Either way, Moses was feeling inadequate to accomplish the appointed task. And let's be honest, we all, at some point in our lives, can relate to Moses. We wonder if God dialled up the right number and got the right man or woman for the job, and feelings of inadequacy appear.

Sure, none of us are heading into Pharaoh's court and telling him to free the people of Israel. But we all enter our workplaces, schools, friendship circles, neighbourhoods, and families with a task – to represent Jesus to others. Now, we may feel pretty inadequate for this duty and come up with excuses as to why he should choose someone else. But take heart, he will be with you. And sometimes we need that same reminder that was given to Moses … that when God calls you, it isn't about you – it's about him. He always equips the called. As he was with Moses, through the three signs and his companion Aaron, so God is with you, through the power of his Holy Spirit. To free the captives, to bring healing to a broken world, to be salt and light to a world fumbling around in darkness.  

Tim Gibbons

Community Life Pastor; Dad and cool drummer