The covenant continues

March 14, 2020

Scripture Readings

I love reading biographies of those who have obediently responded to God’s call. Stepping out in faith, they find solid, unshakeable ground that God has prepared and ordained. In Genesis 12, we read about a man named Abraham, who responded to God in faith and obedience. God chose to make an everlasting covenant with him, promising to bless his descendants and, ultimately, all the nations on earth.


In Numbers 1:1-2:9, hundreds of years after God’s covenant with Abraham, a census of his descendants shows they have indeed multiplied, as they now number 603,550 people! 


 In Psalm 33:12-22, the psalmist reminds God’s people that they are blessed by God. It is not by personal strength or large numbers that the Lord acknowledges, but rather by those who fear him, hope in his unfailing love and look for deliverance from death.


In Luke 1:26-38, we begin to see that deliverance fulfilled. The Holy Spirit touches the life of a young girl named Mary, who delivers a physical representation of the Hope of the World. This hope is something that everyone had longed for, and still desperately needs 2000 years later.


Reflection: we can see the results of God’s story as we unfold the pages of the Bible, but Abraham could not see the day when the Hope of the World would arrive. Yet because he placed his faith in God and walked in obedience, Abraham was blessed amongst men.


How different would our lives look today, if we stepped out in faith as Abraham did? What legacy will we leave because our lives are sold and committed to the returning King? Will we join our biography with his biography, so that we may be a blessing to all the peoples of the earth? 


Tell him with your heart, show him with your life!

Darren Polischuk

Missionary to Cambodia, congregant at Foothills Alliance, co-founder of Work of Your Hand