God does not want sin to keep us away

March 17, 2020

Scripture Readings

God knows our sins. There is nothing new, and nothing can be hidden from him. In our reading of Proverbs and Numbers, we see lust, jealousy, adultery, and how easily they can entice. God sees. He knows the temptations are there.  


When I read through the Old Testament, God showed he understands sin; nothing is new to him. 


In spite of sin, he gave a means of understanding our sin and a tangible way to lessen the consequence that sin really deserved. Why did he do that? The rules seem hard to oblige, but that is the point. God is so holy; we do not deserve him and are too unclean to be before him. There is no sin without consequence. Sin may feel good at the time, but it only draws us away from our Creator, our Father, the LORD Almighty. So God gave us laws and regulations to keep us aware and away from sin, in hopes His people could be close to him. 


Now, what happens in Luke 2? God sent his Son to earth. God knew we needed help with sin, so he sent his only Son to be Saviour and King, to conquer sin. And his Son, Christ Jesus, has done it on the cross! Do I hear an AMEN? That is how much our Father loves us. He sent his Son. That is how much our Father wants us to be close to him.  


If you're trapped by any sin today, I encourage you to acknowledge it and place it at the feet of Jesus. He knows what to do with it. There is nothing new to him. The one and only holy God wants you in his presence. He so wants to love you as a dear son and daughter. I pray you can surround yourself with God's love today and,

"May the Lord bless you

and keep you;

the Lord make his face shine on you

and be gracious to you;

May the Lord turn His face toward you

and give you peace. "

Elke Carlson

Congregant, daughter of the living God