Daring to Dream

March 19, 2020

Scripture Readings

How many times have we heard someone say they once dreamed of doing something special and now wish they had pursued it? Then others who actually followed their dreams, thanking God for his leading in their fulfilment? I find myself one of the latter, and would love to share that with you.

First, it is interesting that one scripture passage for today has Jesus in the temple among the teachers listening, questioning, and perhaps dreaming about his life-mission. Here, I see two patterns of behaviour. On the one hand, we have the crowd, socializing after the Feast. On the other, we have Jesus searching for info about his future. Both patterns are healthy, but Jesus is showing us which took priority and should. 

It’s great that God still lays dreams in our hearts. Mine started when on staff at Central United Church as “Coordinator of Congregational Care.” That position included sharing time caring for those homeless. Facing the challenge of many needs, I started dreaming. What if we had more trained staff, better facilities, even a storefront? Good thing our lead Pastor was on the same page, as were many in the congregation.

Working on our dream took a couple of years praying, planning, promoting, and getting help from talented volunteers. (One of those, Don, even became my husband; another dream coming true.) The name Calgary Urban Project Society (CUPS) was decided upon, based on Matthew 10:42, the “giving of a cup of cold water, as his disciple". 

Next a location was needed. One day, I spied a "FOR SALE" sign not far from the church. My excitement cooled when I remembered we had no funds, but another blessing was about to happen! A week later we learned that a dear couple from our church who had passed away, had contributed $350,000 to Central Church with no strings attached. Praise the Lord! CUPS was inaugurated in 1989, with the mayor in attendance. Now, for over 30 years, CUPS has been a “light” in many dark places, offering health care and education centres, for people facing the challenge of poverty.

Key Thought: Reflecting on Jesus in the temple, prioritizing his choices and stepping out from the crowd, let's follow our dreams. Let’s remember to "stop, look and listen" for what seeds God is laying on our hearts.

June Zabel

Foothills family member, CUPS founder and remarkable woman of God