God's family

March 21, 2020

Scripture Readings

As I was reading the scripture for today, I found my mind going three different directions. One area was God dealing with complaining people. Another area was Jesus responding to Satan’s temptations, and the third area was genealogies.

It is often after an experience or an event that we realize the hand of God was working. God’s feeding of the Israelites has always been a miracle of God to me since I first learnt of it as a child. However, this was not seen as a miracle by the Israelites who had to live through it. There are times in my life I have prayed in certain situations: “God help me see this from your perspective.”

After 40 days of fasting, Satan tempts Jesus. There are two thoughts that come to me as I consider this account. One, Satan often brings temptations when we are physically, emotionally or spiritually vulnerable. Two is that Jesus responded by quoting scripture from its correct context.  

Then there are genealogies. Twenty-eight of the verses in today’s reading are genealogies. I used to skip over genealogies. I have since learned there are five reasons that have helped me understand the importance of genealogies. They confirm historical reliability. They reveal the importance of family to God. They determine who could serve in certain roles, i.e. Levites. They proved many biblical prophecies, i.e. Jesus coming from the tribe of Judah. They teach that God used a wide diversity of individuals throughout history, i.e. the four women in Matthew’s genealogies. As I reflect on my personal genealogy, I thank God for a Godly heritage going back at least three generations. 

My Bible is a practical, current, helpful source of encouragement and inspiration to live my life today!           

Bill Parsons

Foothills member, former pastor and entirely responsible for Marva Goertzen