The heart of God

March 29, 2020

Scripture Readings

Can you describe what the presence of God feels like? Close your eyes. While you breathe in, pray: God more of you. While breathing out, pray: Lord less of me. With each breath suck in deeply the sweet air that God has for you, filling your lungs, heart and soul with the taste of life and the overwhelming presence of his Spirit. 

When you breathe out, cast away all negative thoughts, sins. Each breath is a representation that you are not alone. With each passing second God is present and he is incredibly good. Let something as simple as breathing be an act of worship and prayer in your life today. 

I like to start my day in peace. Through breathing, meditation and prayer, God can help me find out what is happening in my heart. This can be done while walking in a park, driving to work or taking the first 5-10 minutes of the day to breathe. This can be a bold statement that in this very moment it will be about God first. More of him, less of me. 

God is incredibly good. His authority is above all things. In the Bible, he is described as perfect, all knowing and loving. God's heart is aligned with the needs of his created people. He desires for us to be completely full of the good and amazing things that he has planned for us. He desires for us to prosper, to last many generations, and create better futures for each other. He is a wise God, who not only is the perfect judge, ruler and creator, but desires for us to share and grow in righteousness towards him, one breath and step at a time. Finally, God is loving. His unconditional, healing and gracious love for us is beyond measure.

I challenge each of you to start your day at the feet of Jesus, like the sinful woman did in the house of Simon. Come with what you are holding in your heart and open it towards God. He cannot take hold of your hand if you are grasping tightly to your sin. Let go and dive deeply into the heart of God, for it is good. Let him show you his amazing presence. Let go of yourself, and allow more of the heart of God in your life. 

Caleb Carlson

Youth member, volunteer enthusiast and people supporter