Clean at last

March 6, 2020

Scripture Readings

Clean at Last!

Clean at Last!

Thank God Almighty!

I’m clean at Last!      


         - altered from Martin Luther King’s “Free at last” quote from his famous speech, I Have a Dream. 


Today’s desperate passages demonstrate the need for God amid personal unrighteousness and fear.


The 19th century British Preacher Charles H. Spurgeon once said that if God were to convey to us his actual view of sin, we would die. In the Bible, leprosy and sin were closely related – as the lives of Miriam and Gehazi attest. Leprosy is mentioned upwards of 40 times in the Bible and was greatly feared in ancient times. Those with it were kept apart from the congregation because of the fear of contagion, and the defiling nature of the ailment.


The leper had to follow a tortuous path to restore his cleanliness. To us, that path seems ridiculously complicated, unnecessary and even bizarre.


Why should a 21st-century Christian care about such ancient arcane rites? 


We do not have leprosy, but the book of Romans tells us that we all have sin that keeps us apart from God. 


Sin is our own spiritual leprosy, but under a new and better covenant, God does not require sacrificial blood as he did in Leviticus 14. Jesus has already cleansed us with his own blood.


Also, our purity can be continually restored through confession to God. If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness. - 1 John 1:9


With Psalm 8 as our example, we pray: 

“To you Lord, I cry for mercy, cleanse me of my transgression; make me pure again!”


Mark 13 presents end-times prophecies, which may overwhelm us and cause us to fear. But because of our position in Christ, our future is secure, and we can rest in knowing he controls the future and protects his children.


Wade Nelson

Congregant, Bible aficionado