"I can’t wanna”

March 7, 2020

Scripture Readings


When our children were young, we often invited their friends over to play, have parties and keep them from boredom. When asked to do something, one friend would say: “I can’t wanna.” I have laughed and enjoyed that saying ever since. This young girl thought she couldn’t do what was asked of her because she didn’t want to!   


Sometimes our lives can be like that. We don’t want to read Leviticus. Verses on sacrificial offerings, diet, hygiene and social behaviour (especially chapter 15 but hang on, chapter 16 gives insight to Christ’s sacrifice once for all) can derail our reading plans. “Within these highly detailed directives, we discover the holiness—the separateness, distinction, and utter “otherness”—of God. And we learn how sin devastates humanity’s relationship with their Creator” (Charles Swindoll).  


We don’t want to suffer as described in David’s Psalm 31: 1-8. He needed to be delivered, rescued and pulled out of traps of the enemy. In David’s experiences, we discover the keys to the strength, guidance, trust and deliverance that only God can give - not only to David but also to each one of us.


We don’t want to sacrifice as described in the Mark reading for today. There’s a cost to sacrificing. It costs something to stay alert and on guard while waiting for the return of Christ. But it costs Jesus everything when he submits to the plot to take his life, and it costs Mary significantly when she gives her expensive perfume to Jesus out of love and devotion for him. Let today’s reading challenge us to ask ourselves: what will we sacrifice in our devotion to the Lord?


All scripture is given to show us God’s plan of redemption, and instruct us how to grow and be a devout Christ-follower. Rather than obeying rules, we follow scripture out of devotion to Jesus – who gave up everything so that our sins would be forgiven and so we could have a relationship with him.


Don’t miss the blessing of walking with the Lord!

Linda Feltmate

wife of Seniors Pastor, mother and grandmother