No doubt

April 1, 2020

Scripture Readings

I try to maintain a consistent prayer life. I pray knowing God is real and that he loves me. However, there are times that as I pray, I feel a wave of doubt washing up against me. Sometimes that doubt discourages me, and I pray less intensely and frequently. Other times that doubt makes me determined to pray harder and longer to try and crush it, knowing it comes from the enemy. 

When Numbers was written, if an army won a battle that army would receive the spoils. However, God instructs Moses to divide the spoils according to his will. After a hard-fought battle, I imagine the soldiers would have had some doubt about that process. They overcame that doubt, trusted God and obeyed. 

In Luke’s reading today, we have three examples where doubt certainly could have motivated actions. The woman’s bleeding stopped the moment she touched Jesus’ cloak. What would give an “unclean” woman the courage to approach Jesus and touch his garment? As she weaved her way through a crowd of mostly men, doubt surely must have crept into her mind. She fought that doubt with trust and the belief that Jesus could heal her. She trusted and was healed and blessed by Jesus.

Jairus was informed that his daughter was dead, and Jesus told him not to be afraid but to believe. Fear comes from doubt – doubting in the power of God and his love for us. Jairus believed and suppressed his doubt, and Jesus raised his daughter.

The apostles were told to go out to preach and heal and take NOTHING with them. Jesus also told them to walk away from any town that doesn’t accept them. Instead of staying for shelter or food, they were to go to the next town – no matter how far away. I imagine they might have had some doubt regarding this plan. Yet they went, believing God would give them what they needed.

In the first line of Psalm 40, David writes about waiting patiently. Waiting can be hard. As that little tinge of doubt crept in, did he forget? King David patiently waited, and God came. 

Doubt is battle we fight daily. Fight your doubt and believe the truth the bible teaches us – that God is with us, loves us and is for us, without a doubt.


Hellmut Regehr

Congregant, husband, father of two daughters.