We all need wisdom

April 14, 2020

Scripture Readings

Today’s passages, although all very different, point to a common theme – wisdom. Deuteronomy gives instruction on a variety of issues from the rights of a firstborn, to putting tassels on your cloak, to marriage violations. Proverbs reminds us to avoid “folly,” apparently a politically correct name for a woman of ill-repute. The passage in Luke offers the truth that we cannot serve both God and money. These vastly different topics all point to a singular truth – on our own, we blow it. God is the source of wisdom, and we are foolish not to rely on him.

There are a number of definitions of wisdom, but one of the simplest is this: wisdom is applied knowledge. For Christians, that means taking what we know and understand from God’s word and applying it to our lives. The more we rely on, trust in and apply the truths from Scripture, the wiser we will be. James had it right when he exhorted in James 1:22, “Do not merely listen to the word and so deceive yourselves. Do what it says.” It seems simple. Yet so often, we fail to apply the truth we know.  

We will never become wise simply by ageing. A commonly held societal view is that all older people are wise. While our elders are deserving of our respect, they are not necessarily wise. Those who are wise have worked at understanding and applying the truth found in God’s word. This is hard work. It means daily putting aside what we might humanly desire and trusting that God knows best. And he always knows best. I have never regretted doing things God’s way, but oh the mistakes I’ve made forging ahead on my own.

The 2020 Project is a great way to start learning what’s in God’s word. Together, we will grow to be wise when we apply it.

Karen Vine

Book-lover, brilliant cook, Foothills elder and Family Ministries mentor