Secret things

April 18, 2020

Scripture Readings

I have no idea how I remember this, but I’m pretty sure it was 34 years ago today that I first told a young and beautiful woman I was dating that I loved her. I grew up in a home where we just didn’t talk like that, so it was incredibly daunting for me to say those three words. But somehow, I found the courage, and somehow she didn’t run away from me, and somehow we are still wondrously married today! Oh, the power of life-changing conversations!

The Luke passage today tells the story of conversations between Jesus and the rich young ruler and Bartimaeus. I won’t say more, because I’ll teach on them this weekend. It ends with the account of Zacchaeus’ journey to Jesus, which is so inspiring! 

When he tells Zacchaeus that, “I must come to your home today,” (19:5) he’s really saying, “We need to talk, Zac, about your life, your future and your soul.” With all my heart, I believe Jesus still wants to have those kinds of conversations with us. The question is, are we welcoming Jesus into lives, gladly, as Zacchaeus did? (19:6)

Once we welcome Jesus in, our lives are transformed all along the way.  We stop trying to explain him – we just seek to follow him. We discover the truth of Prov. 10:9 that “those who walk in integrity walk securely.”  Like Zacchaeus, we become increasingly generous and recognize that everything we have belongs first to God. We are simply managers. Perhaps most importantly, we learn to surrender those aspects of our lives to the One who loves us most. When things happen, like COVID-19 and all its accompanying challenges, we choose to wait, believe and trust. Deuteronomy 29:29 has become one of my most treasured texts for when life gets complicated. “The secret things of life belong to the Lord, and the revealed things are intended for us and our children, that we might learn to trust him.”  

There are some things we never fully understand on this side of Heaven, but we choose to leave those “secret things” with God. The revealed things – like his invitation to us via Zacchaeus – these things we embrace and rely upon.

Are there secret things in life you simply cannot get your head around?  Leave them with Jesus. And embrace his invitation to have conversations about your soul and our your future.

Ian Trigg

One who will always treasure an April 18th conversation!