Sorry, how much?

April 22, 2020

Scripture Readings

We hear the gospel will cost us … but yet, “not a hair on your head will perish.” 

Wait, what? 

Wasn’t James put to death with a sword? (Acts 12:2)

Wasn’t Stephen stoned to death? (Acts 7:59)

Wasn’t Peter killed? (John 21:19)

I thought Jesus said that not a hair on their head would be harmed? 

So, what does following Jesus cost us? Apparently, for some, quite a bit. 

This is not a call to go and cause yourself suffering. We need to enjoy the times of peace and joy. But it does beg the question: Why does following seem to cost so much? The Kingdom of Heaven will often come against the engrained and entrenched culture of the time. That said, we should not be afraid to step into the power and authority of the Kingdom of Heaven for the sake of the world, no matter the outcome. And others need to know about the life available in Christ, even if when it costs us socially, emotionally, and for some, physically. 

Here’s the reality: Jesus already paid the cost, so that you could enjoy and love God as full as possible while living on this earth. Because of Jesus, it’s as if we already did everything right and lived without sin in the first place. Good news.

What the enemy of our soul doesn’t realize is that when we suffer for the sake of Jesus, there is blessing to the follower of Jesus. Why? Because we are identified with Christ. We experience a taste of what he experienced. 

This blessing is a greater knowledge of Christ. We can take comfort knowing that Jesus already paid the ultimate cost. The affirmation is that you belong and have been counted worthy to suffer for the name of Jesus. 

Don’t be afraid, like God told Joshua and his disciples, he will be with us.


Andrew Berg

Student Ministries Pastor, soon-to-be father