In your sightline

April 23, 2020

Scripture Readings

If ever there was a time we needed to remember the faithfulness of God, it’s now. Our day-to-day experiences have changed remarkably as our world responds to the COVID 19 pandemic. It’s at times like this, we need to focus and remember that in every circumstance, God is good.

In today’s readings, we see more than one example where God intentionally helps his people remember. After the crossing of the Jordan River, God instructs Joshua to set up 12 stones as a reminder of the path he cleared for them through the floodwaters. Then in Luke, we see Jesus redefining the Passover meal for his disciples, as a reminder of all that he would accomplish through his death and resurrection. Why? Because we are forgetful people. We can easily take for granted (another nuance of our amnesia) all that God has done for us. God’s promises are true and he is unchanging – as we read earlier in the week, he “will never leave you or forsake you” (Joshua 1:5). 

I don’t know about you, but these days I need frequent reminders that the God who owns the cattle grazing on a thousand hills loves me, provides for me, redeems me and calls me his own. I need to be cued at times to express my gratitude to the one who gave it all for me. That’s why coming together regularly to worship in community is important – even if it means we’re doing so virtually. Remembering God’s faithfulness builds my trust.  

For me, that means having visual reminders of the presence of God in my home and workspace. I’ve written scripture on bathroom mirrors. I have objects that remind me of things the Spirit of God has spoken to me strategically placed where I will see them regularly.

What visual reminders could you create to combat spiritual amnesia? What is something you can do or see that will regularly remind you of God’s faithfulness?  

Key thought:  “In the future, when your descendants ask their fathers, ‘What do these stones mean?’ tell them…” Joshua 3:21

Rebecca Schnell

Foothills Worship Arts Director