Live with confidence

April 25, 2020

Scripture Readings

When we examine Joshua 8, we see the incredible confidence that Joshua has in the Lord. In verse 7, Joshua tells his army, “The Lord, your God will give it into your hand.” Joshua’s confidence would have been inspiring to his soldiers. I often wish that I had the same confidence in the Lord. If I am totally honest, there are days when I have doubts about God and about what he is capable of. However, when we need it, God has this incredibly personal way of demonstrating his glory to us, which shatters skeptical thoughts. 

In this Psalm, David is pouring out his heart to God after committing adultery with Bathsheba. David is begging God to forgive him. How often do we beg God to forgive us? How often do we ask Him to cleanse us so that we will be whiter than snow? I know that when I sin and then seek forgiveness, I am not as passionate as David. I realize that I don’t cry out to Him with fervent pleas. I wonder, what would it be like if this is how we regularly confessed our sins? What would it do to us as individuals? As a community? As a church family? I believe it would bring us closer to God and each other. 

This is where Jesus comes in. Luke 22 and 23 tell us of Jesus’ trial before Pilate and Herod. Jesus, a sinless man, is handed over to be crucified even when two different authorities concur that he doesn’t deserve death. Jesus is mocked, beaten, and crucified for our sake. He paid the ultimate price so that we can be forgiven as David was. Jesus is the reason why we can, and should, have mountain-moving confidence in the Lord. Jesus is the reason that we should have the confidence to trust Him with absolutely everything.

My hope is that you ask God to give you confidence like Joshua, and that it would be so evident in your life that it becomes infectious to those around you. Live your life confidently, knowing that Jesus is on your side!

Travis Jackson

Brand new teacher and husband but long time youth leader!