Eyes to see

April 27, 2020

Scripture Readings

Of all the wonderful things God has created, man remains the greatest of all – ‘fearfully and wonderfully made.’ God’s breath in us empowers us to do great things. Even Jesus said greater works shall we do than he did. This alone should motivate us to intently follow our maker, God Almighty.

Think of some of your achievements. Who helped you to achieve them? I am sure you know that God is behind every good success.

Surrendering my life to Christ at age 30, gave me the opportunity to appreciate the benefits of following him, unlike in my former life.

Firstly, he gave me a new heart. This new heart is very important because the heart is the engine room for our thought process that ultimately defines our character. The new heart produces unlimited joy beyond understanding. This is the renewed heart King David talked about in Psalm 51. The heart of a natural man is desperately wicked, and it is only Jesus who can renew it.

Secondly, Jesus gave me new eyes (vision) to see beyond the ordinary and to see opportunities where others see challenges, failures or fears. Our eyes are very limited in what they can physically see, even with the help of scientific instruments. They cannot see the future or spiritual things. Spiritual eyes from God are what we need to see where God is leading us. With God-given new eyes, it became easier for me to walk with Jesus Christ.

Thirdly, he gave me new ears to hear when he instructs. When God speaks, he gives specific instructions. When these instructions are carried out, the results become outstanding, as is the case of Joshua’s territorial expansion and annexation. God is still in the business of talking with us constantly, though we cannot hear him with our natural ears.

Walking with God can be so much easier when you allow him to renew your heart, to open your eyes and to anoint your ears.

I pray that God will give you a new heart, spiritual eyes and anointed ears to do good for God and mankind.

Austin Omobhude

Husband, Father and now most joyfully, grandfather!