Count on it!

April 28, 2020

Scripture Readings

“Just because God doesn’t balance his cheque book every day does not mean he never will.”

- Queen Victoria (1819-1901)

Today’s readings show us the need for justice in this world and God’s intention to bring it about: through active judgement, promises kept, and the unfailing presence of Christ, guaranteed by his resurrection.

Some people seem to prosper or ‘get away with things’ that is wrong, illegal or abusive to others. Psalm 52 reminds us that God will have the last word on such lives. Count on it, the Bible says, count on it.

God has promises for us that rest on the back shelf of our hearts. At one point, it seemed to leap off the page of your Bible, and you knew with certainty it was meant for you. Or the time you were praying in quiet and, as much as it can be expressed, you heard the voice of God make you a promise about your future, your children or the outcome of some great treasured hope. 

The story of Caleb reminds us that God keeps his promises, though the wait for Caleb to realize that promise took 45 years. In an instant gratification culture, waiting is difficult. But God intends to keep his promises, though his timing may not fit ours. He keeps his promises. Count on it, the Bible says, count on it.

All of us, at one time or another, hunger for the presence of Christ. There is a chapel in Assisi, Italy, with an old wall fresco still vivid despite its age. It is a picture of the angel appearing to Mary with the news that she would bear the Christ-child. The angel is quite big and dominates the scene, and Mary seems to almost glow. 

But off in an obscure corner is a small dog scratching himself. The message? God shows up on the day the dog has fleas. In Luke 24, we see a Christ who shows up at an everyday supper in an everyday household during an everyday meal of the day: boiled fish.

So could it be that when we seek the risen Christ, the surest place to find him is in everyday life and everyday moments? Not in some grand spiritual gesture but in countless quiet ways at the street level of life. He just shows up. Count on it, the Bible says, count on it.

Stephen Elliott

Much-loved former pastor of Foothills, currently seeking to master retirement!