The redeemer

April 3, 2020

Scripture Readings

I hope you’re enjoying The 2020 Project; I know I am. While I have read through the Bible before, there’s something unique in doing it together. Knowing others are reading the same passages at the same time makes me feel more connected to the body of Christ and the Foothills family. Not to mention, the conversations I am having are pretty cool too!

By now, we have read the first four books in the Old Testament, a few which often receive less than stellar reviews. I must admit, I feel like the disciples most days thinking, “I just don’t get it!” But I am fascinated by God’s love and the creative and intricate ways he draws us closer to him. Even though the rules and rituals seem so strict and rigid, I can’t help but think that God is in the details. If he cares that much about worship, sacrifice and counting, he surely must care for me and the details of my life.

Today’s passage from Psalms is about the Cities of Refuge. When I hear the word “refuge,” I think of God as my refuge. In the Psalm, David is crying to God, begging for mercy and protection. His sins have overtaken him. He ends by saying God is his help and deliverer. 

Then, in Luke, we see Jesus transfigured and glowing in all his splendour. I’m glad we don’t have to go through prophets like Moses or Elijah to get to God today. They were just men – humans. They couldn’t possibly get it right, and neither can we. But we have Jesus, his son, with whom he is well pleased. We are to listen to him and seek him with our whole heart. 

I sin. Whether intentional or unintentional, I keep doing things I wish I wouldn’t. While we may not have to face some of the consequences set out in Old Testament times, we all face the consequences of our sin. But I keep going to Jesus, my redeemer and deliverer. 

Are your troubles too great to number? Or, do you have unintentional pain or damage in your life, either caused by you or put upon you by another? We don’t have to flee to a city; we can come directly to the one who knows us deeply and intimately and loves us anyway. What is he telling you today? How can you seek him and find him in the stillness?

Dwyla Friend

Women’s Ministries volunteer, nurse and fantastic encourager. Some would say she’s a great friend!