Unexpected things

May 21, 2020

Scripture Readings

In our readings today, we see that as humans, we have our own ideas of what God’s plans should look like. The nation of Israel had been given prophets and judges to help rule their people. Unfortunately, they began to desire a physical king to follow, as in the surrounding nations. Through Samuel, God provided the people of Israel a detailed picture of what it would look like to serve an earthly king, and it was not pretty. However, sometimes we (and the people of Israel) want our own way and refuse to listen to Godly wisdom. Being so intent on fulfilling our desires, we fail to listen to God’s promptings and end up living with the consequences of our disobedience.

Today, in John, we see Jesus fulfilling Old Testament prophecy as he enters Jerusalem on a donkey, with the crowds shouting, “Hosanna, blessed is the King of Israel!” The people believed they were finally witnessing their interpretation of scripture emerging into truth. Jesus was going to be their King!

And they were right. But not in the manner they imagined. Jesus had come to be their “Light,” to provide the ultimate sacrifice for all sin and to rule forever from on high. Not exactly what they imagined. The nation of Israel was not prepared for what was to come, as the upcoming events did not fit into their idea of how the “King of the Jews” would reign.

As I sit confined to my home in the midst of COVID-19, helplessly observing lives lost, along with the demise of so many pieces of our world, I find myself questioning why. Am I, as the people before me, trying to pigeon-hole God into my idea of what the world ought to look like? The truth scripture gives us, is that God is our Father, and he desires what is best for each of us. This may, however, look very different than we think it ought to. Imagine what amazing, but unexpected things, are in store when we choose to walk in complete trust and surrender to him. How fulfilling and impactful our lives will be.

Terry Hawley

Chairman of the Foothills' Elder Board, pilot and hopefully the father-of-the-bride in July