God’s good gifts

May 26, 2020

Scripture Readings

In our reading today, we come to two amazing passages of scripture. The Old Testament portion reminds us of our exciting Sunday school story of David killing Goliath. There could be many questions asked of this story, such as why his brothers' continuing jealousy? Why not use the king's armour for extra protection? Of what value were stones and a slingshot against an armoured giant? Perhaps the more relevant question to ask is, how did David exude such confidence? We heard it right from the beginning when he said, "Let no one lose heart … your servant will go and fight him." (17:32) David's confidence was further demonstrated as he purposefully ran toward this taunting giant. "'I come,' he declared, 'in the name of the Lord Almighty, the God of the armies of Israel.'" The name of the Lord was his strength. In the past, David had doubtless called on this name, and experienced victory, as he faced overwhelming situations. God's power through his name would triumph again. David again reminds us in Psalm 124:8 that, "Our help is in the name of the Lord, maker of heaven and earth." 

In our New Testament reading, Jesus, as he is about to leave his disciples, revealed an amazing gift he would leave them: The gift of the presence of the Holy Spirit. He (the Spirit) would be with them as Comforter and lead them into all truth. In amazing fashion, this gift of the Holy Spirit has continued and been extended to us, giving us the knowledge of the one true God and eternal life through Jesus Christ.

As I write today, we are in the midst of the Covid19 virus pandemic – certainly a daunting giant that is terrifying the world. How do we cope against this menace that is threatening destruction, as well as overwhelming fear and anxiety? 

Let us grasp with confidence God's amazing gifts. The unchanging power of the name of the Almighty God can enable us to face these awesome circumstances. The indwelling presence of God's Holy Spirit will bring comfort and peace.  

May it be so for us today.

Eleanor Fowler

Has been taking care of Gordon for over 60 years, and loves being a great grandmother