God, our mighty protector

May 27, 2020

Scripture Readings

Years ago (and many times since), I've found myself crying out to God for protection. I'll never forget being inadvertently separated from my then two-year-old son in a store. My heart was in my throat as I prayed, “God, please protect him. Keep him safe!” What relief when moments later he was found!

In today's passages, we see the hand of our loving God who protects and provides for his people. 

Psalm 68 gives praise to our Majestic God who went before his people in the wilderness, leading the way, with pillar of cloud and fire. He tenderly cared for them and considered their distress. Parched land became an oasis; protection was given and victories won. When they were weary, God was not! When they were exhausted, God was not! Likewise, when we grow weary and overwhelmed, God cheers our faint hearts, strengthens our body and spirit, and faithfully protects us. He is what keeps us steadfast in this journey of life!

In John 17, Jesus prays to the Father for his disciples, “protect them by the power of your name.” My heart swells with joy at these words. It bursts with gratitude and is flooded with peace. I have all the power of heaven backing me, protecting me and, even more, within me by the sanctifying power of the Holy Spirit! As we go through life in this fallen and hurting world we need fear no evil. He is our defence.

As Jesus prayed that the disciples would be kept by the Father's power, equipped and united for their future ministry, so he looks after you and me. He prepares us for his work that he wants to accomplish by his strength. May you find us worthy, Lord!

We find a jealous Saul in 1 Samuel. Saul wants to kill David for his many victories in battle and his popularity with the people. David becomes a hunted fugitive. God was forming David into his man. He protected him, but didn't take away David's hardships. These pressures forced David to probe the depths of his relationship with God. I believe this depth of faith that developed, was necessary for his future role as Israel's greatest King. Similarly, God protects and provides for us in our difficulties. He doesn't usually take us out of our circumstances but stands with us, upholding us and allowing those struggles to form and mold us into his likeness. 

Praise be to our Protector God!


Heather Beadle

Former Salvation Army officer, and current discipler of her grandchildren