God time

May 28, 2020

Scripture Readings

In our passage from 1 Samuel today we can read what I think of as an Old Testament thriller. David has chosen to flee from Saul. David makes his way to Nob to meet with Ahimelek the priest who prays and pleads with God on David’s behalf, before providing David supplies and the legendary Sword of Goliath. David travels to Gath, then to Adullam, and to Mizpah where his family is granted refuge by the King of Moab, before David left to the forest of Hereth as the Lord told him. It’s at this point Saul begins the pursuit of David; his first stop being Nob, where he has Ahimelek and all the other priest and people put to death, except for Ahimelek’s son of Ahitub, Abiathar who joined David. 

David is still following what God commands of him and seems to be completely in tune with the will of God, as he seems concerned for the people of Keilah who were being overrun by the Philistines. When he asks God if he should help them, the Lord says yes, and even aids David in the battle to save Keilah. 

Following this, the game of cat and mouse is back on between Saul and David. As I read more, I felt reminiscent of Star Wars — the original trilogy of course. Vader hunts down the rebels until he discovers Luke is their hope, then it becomes personal and Vader’s sole-directive is to find Luke and put an end to him before he becomes too powerful and overthrows the Empire and institutes a new rule. However, Luke’s advantage is that he allows the force to guide him — rather than try to manipulate, guide and ignore the force like Vader. Similarly, David’s advantage here is that he is in tune with God and goes where God calls. He is in constant communication with God, and rather than being prideful of that, he seeks out those who are far more experienced in faith for guidance. 

My hope is that we as a Church will be like the Rebels, Luke Skywalker, and David, and know the will of God by spending time with him in meditation and prayer each day and obeying all that we hear from our Lord.

Nick Kennedy

Student Ministries Pastor FX/jr high at Foothills