God's promises

May 31, 2020

Scripture Readings

I don’t typically spend a lot of time in the Old Testament, but there is something in the 1 Samuel passage today that hit me.  David is in an unbelievably challenging situation. The Amalekites burned the city of Ziklag, as well as taken everything valuable. Worse yet, they had taken all the women and children captive, including David’s two wives. David and the people deeply grieved until ‘there was no strength in them to weep’ (30:4). 

In addition to losing his family and being in this state of unimaginable sadness, David ‘was greatly distressed because the people spoke of stoning him, for all the people were embittered’ (which translates to bitter in the soul) (30:6). So what does David do? His response is truly amazing. It says that he ‘strengthened himself in the Lord, his God’! This is one of the key moments in David’s life because up until now, he had misled his people and had failed God. Amidst desperation and temptation, David responded with such outstanding trust.  

Please consider for a moment what strengthening yourself in God looks like. I believe David strengthening himself in the Lord is the same as putting all trust in him. This builds a person’s faith and increases confidence in the Lord. Can you relate to David’s experience? Amidst everything going on in our world, how do you respond?

In 1 Samuel 30:8, the Lord responds to David, ‘Pursue, for you will surely overtake them, and you will surely rescue all.’ This is a promise of the Lord, which comes true as the chapter goes on. In John 19, as Jesus is on the cross, there are two other examples of the fulfillment of Scripture: ‘not a bone of him shall be broken’ (v.36), and ‘they shall look on him whom they pierced’ (v.37).

We have gone through the Promises series, but I feel it’s so important to be reminded that ALL of God’s promises will come true. No matter what. My brothers and I are in a band, and one of our songs is called Promises.  I’ll leave you with the lyrics of the chorus:  

“When I can’t see the end,

When I don’t know what’s true,

When I can’t hear at all from you,

The sun’s going to still come up,

with or without the view,

‘cause all of your promises come true.”

Cayd Greiner

Worship leader at Foothills, big brother to Ty(rant) and Dane(gerous) and keeper of the New Law Brothers