No more shame

May 4, 2020

Scripture Readings

*Please note: This is the devotional for May 4. We apologize for the inconvience, there was a technical error with uploading the devotionals this weekend. If you have already read this devotional, please go to May 3 and read Ian Trigg's. Thank you for continuing your journey with us through The 2020 Project.

Shame has made a resurgence in pop culture, most notably from Brene Brown. The reception to her message speaks tremendously about the need for freedom here - she’s got five best sellers! So many resources you’d think we are making headway, but it seems shame has only increased its potency.

One psychiatrist wrote that shame is a lens that colours everything we see. And while shame is universally present, it’s hard to define for shame’s elusiveness is key to its power (Curt Thompson).

Today, we read of an encounter where a woman finds life-changing freedom from her shameful hiding. And just like this woman, Jesus longs for us to live in freedom.

How does this happen? 

This story teaches us!  

First, let’s place ourselves in the story and identify with this woman. Her shame caused her to hide at a watering hole, and we’d do well (pun intended!) to recognize that our shame causes us all to hide in a variety of ways. We all have our hiding spots: at work or play, in busyness or lethargy, in drink or substance or destructive habits or relationships, really, we hide in _____. But Jesus longs for this not to be our reality.

While she hid, we see Jesus’ tenderness and commitment in refusing to let her live this way any longer. The H20 conversation began innocently, but Jesus used it to reveal a deeper thirst - her spiritual longing for freedom. Jesus brought up her deepest vulnerabilities. At which point, she deflects (just like us!), yet Jesus kept pursuing her. A pastor once said, “if you’re wondering what Jesus wants to set you free from, it’s the very thing you keep saying doesn’t need to be addressed.” Another said, “whatever Jesus reveals, he heals.” As a result, one of the primary ways we can come to identify what God wants to do in us, and where he wants us to experience freedom, is whatever we feel the need to brush aside or hide from.

Examination Questions: 

1. Where do I hide? 

2. What does Jesus want to bring to the surface in my life? 

3. Where does Jesus want to heal and bring freedom?

Kyle Trigg

Son of Joyce and Ian, father to world’s cutest grandkids