The collector

May 5, 2020

Scripture Readings

Are you a collector? I wouldn’t say I am, but sometimes when walking a beach, I will collect seashells or pretty stones. I pack them up, take them home and look at them every day! Okay, I don’t really do that last part. I may take them home, but I rarely give them a second glance. In fact, eventually I just throw them out.  

Did you know that God is a collector? In Psalm, 56:8 tells us what his collection is - our tears. God collects our tears and records what concerns us. This Psalm reminds us that in the face of difficult situations, we can be real before the Lord. We can pour out our fears and cry our tears before him. But, unlike me, who collects things only to toss them out later, God remembers what he has collected! He does not forget our cries. David trusted in this, and he reminds us that in difficult times we need to press into all we know of God - his Word, his promises and his character. God sees us and cares about whatever we face in these days. Therefore, we can draw near to him in faith, receive his grace and love and trust that “God is for me” (vs9).  

In John 4, Jesus’ disciples returned and were shocked to discover Jesus had interacted with a Samaritan woman — an adulteress no less. How could he do that? Because Jesus cared. No doubt, he had seen and collected many of her tears. No matter what state we are in, he wants us to experience his deep love, grace, mercy and hope — Especially in times of need. But there was a lesson here for the disciples as well: “the fields are white for harvest.” In other words, look around, people are ready to hear words of hope. Jesus wants us to show others that he sees and cares for them too! 

How sad that in our Judges 2 passage, we read that the new generation of Israelites chose to turn from seeking God and his ways, rejecting his love and care!

Friends, let us continually choose to lean into God, pour out our hearts to him in prayer, trust his Word, receive his love and grace, and seek to share this love and grace with others.

Mandy Trask

Elder, wife, mother, grandmother, and quietly gifted at playing the accordion and ukulele