Unlikely leader

May 6, 2020

Scripture Readings

Deborah is one of my favourite characters in the Bible. Known as a “Mother in Israel (Judges 5:7),” she was a prophetess and judge over Israel.

She would’ve judged in a highly patriarchal society. Yet nobles (vs. 5:13), warriors (v. 4:6, 14-16) and princes (vs. 5:15) sought and respected her leadership. Interestingly, some say she was only elected judge because there were no willing men. But we know from the stories of Jonah and Moses that God can break through an unwilling heart.

So what was it about Deborah? I believe she was chosen because she leads with wisdom, courage and strength. God knew she was the best fit for the job at the time.

Then there’s David – the runt of his family. He, too, was called into leadership as the future king over Israel. King Saul, threatened by David’s success on the battlefield, plots to kill him. 

In Psalm 57:1-6, we see David calling out to God while he’s hiding from Saul in a cave: “I cry out to God Most High, to God who vindicates me. He sends from heaven and saves me, rebuking those who hotly pursue me.”

How many of us would respond the same way? Often when I’m overwhelmed, my default is hopelessness. Instead, David calls to the Father, recognizing God is the one who saves. There is no situation too grave or too dark for God.

David and Deborah, both unlikely leaders by “human standards,” step fully into their calling. Have you ever heard God asking you to do something you feel unqualified for? When this happens, do you feel overwhelmed and hopeless, questioning whether you’re really the right fit?

We know God doesn’t make mistakes, and that includes his calling over your life! What would happen if you responded with courage, knowing your strength comes from Christ?

As you sit and meditate on God’s word today, take a moment to:

1. Reflect – What uncomfortable thing is God asking you to do? Maybe it’s to lead a Life Group, reach out to a neighbour you don’t know, or pursue a career you feel unqualified for.

2. Pray – Ask God for direction and for the strength and courage to step out. Pray that he would show you a simple action you can take today.

3. Act – Go out and act. It’s easy to let fear stop you from stepping out in faith. But God has a plan, and he is faithful. Whatever the Lord is telling you, now is the time to respond!

Dayla Lahring

Director of Creative Communications at Foothills, wife to Ben and fantastic teammate to her coworkers