God of peace

May 7, 2020

Scripture Readings

“Great is your love, reaching to the heavens; your faithfulness reaches to the skies.” (Psalm 57:11 NIV) This is a truth that, like Gideon, we can learn. God told Gideon to “Go in the strength you have" (Judges 6:14 NIV). God did not say, “get stronger/better/holier”; he said go now as you are, I can use you now. The Lord even patiently allowed Gideon to test him three times to remove all doubts that God would do as he said. 

God could have chided Gideon for his lack of faith, especially since Gideon knew what miraculous things the Lord did in Egypt. Logically, that should have removed all doubts about the Lord's abilities or willingness to act. Too bad people aren’t logical often, and forget or ignore what they know. I believe that is why God continued to provide more proof that he is able to do the impossible. Gideon gives me hope that I don't have to be perfect. My all-too-often glaring faults will not make God stop loving me or give up on me. God knows our weaknesses and is more than able to deal with them.

Our God is a God of peace. In Hebrew, God is called YHWH/Yaweh (Jehovah) Shalom, meaning the Lord (by name) is peace. Despite all our doubts, fears and failures, God is with us, for us and in control. I find it reassuring to know that God never stops working in or with us, even on the Sabbath or holidays. Let us all boldly go where God leads us, and do as he instructs us.

As you read today’s scripture, reflect on ways God has been faithful in your life. Has there been a time when God has called you to do something outside your comfort zone? How did you respond? When things get difficult, it’s easy to forget that God is for you and with you. Today, let us hold onto the promise that God is active and present in our lives. Even when we’re stubborn, or ignore that he’s greater than anything we face, he remains faithful.  

Key thought: God never stops working in or with us. Let us go where God calls us, knowing that he will never leave or give up on us. When we doubt, may we find peace in his presence. 


Nancy Cerny

Congregant, newbie sign-languager, who occasionally helps with children's ministries (when not self-isolating).