Gospel message

June 13, 2020

Scripture Readings

By betraying King David, whom God chose to rule over Israel, the Israelites were rejecting God's promises, lacking trust in the Lord's sovereignty. In 2 Samuel 21, we see God bless his people despite their unfaithfulness, promising "the lamp of Israel will not be extinguished."

In what areas of your life has Christ fulfilled his promises to you, despite your unfaithfulness?  

We are blessed by God's promises to live abundantly in his creation because we are made in his image, here to serve his kingdom. We are priests of this planet, the Levites of our communities.

Following Saul's persecution over Judea and Samaria in Acts 8, the destruction of the church scattered believers throughout the lands. Many individuals spread the gospel despite their marginalized status.

We are called to spread the good news all the time. Having faith in the midst of a pandemic is what God desires for his children. We, as the body of Christ, should not dwell on earthly things. Yahweh wants us to mourn our losses and feel grief in our sufferings, but He does not want our wounds to become our testimony.

The Lord's presence is not a substance we can purchase like Simon foolishly attempted, for the Lord is the one who offers us sustenance. The Holy Spirit is near and wants to enter our stories while we surrender to the Lord's promises.         

Instead of putting faith in God's will in 2 Samuel, the Israelites were self-serving and lacked wisdom in seeking truth or discerning life from death. Proverbs 14 says, "a truthful witness saves lives, but a false witness is deceitful." (v .25).

Do you seek God's promises for your life? 

Do you have faith like God's people did when they were persecuted? 

Do you trust that he is truth and is calling your name to spread his love? 

If you feel this message is not for you or are unsure, think again. We are all disciples, and God longs for our response to his invitation. When we reject his promises, we ignore the wisdom written through the breath of the Lord and choose death instead of life. Let us choose life today and every day, all for his glory.   

Chantelle Poelstra

Brand new Ambrose Grad and a fantastic friend to many