Praise and prayer

June 14, 2020

Scripture Readings

In Psalm 73, we see a great life lesson regarding something we all have to deal with – temptation and doubt in our faith life.

Like me, you may have a Godly orientation in your heart and mind. This is where the psalmist Asaph starts Psalm 73 – acknowledging that he desires to follow God with a pure heart. But he soon confesses in verse 2 that he stumbles when he is besieged by temptation and doubt. We all know that place well – wanting to stay true to our faith but envious of the apparent success of the unfaithful. I relate to Asaph’s questions of things he doesn’t understand, his grief, his doubts, and dealing with his challenging situations.  We all face these things in our lives.  As a believer, how should we deal with them?

In our reading for today, Asaph shows us the way. After considering the situations around him, he returns to his sanctuary and looks at things with enlightened eyes from a believer’s perspective. He sees God’s faithfulness and guidance, the promises we have in him, and the end result for the wicked. I love his closing acceptance prayer in verse 28: “For me, it is good to be near God. I have made the Lord God my refuge.” Let’s pray that prayer with him as we deal with our circumstances.

In the 2 Samuel 22 passage for today, we see the psalmist David leaning in on Asaph’s truth. David is dealing with his own threats, his enemies, the giants of Gath, and even King Saul. In David’s exultant praise prayer, he calls on God in the midst of his doubt and distress. God hears his cries and provides deliverance.  

David’s words in verse 33 hold a great promise for us today: “God is my strong refuge. He has made my way safe.” Let’s all claim that promise for our families and the community around us.

Ken Chapman

A former missionary kid who still loves missions!