Where is God?

June 15, 2020

Scripture Readings

Our days lately have been anything but normal. For many, they have caused great frustration, even anger. People may feel like everything is being taken away from them or destroyed.  With job loss, schools and businesses closing, fear of COVID, its impact on our family and us, we may ask ourselves, “Where is God in this?”

I think this is how David may have felt when he wrote Psalms 74. With the sanctuary being destroyed, he may have felt that God had rejected him. He expressed feelings of frustration and anger. This was a place of comfort, sanctuary, and worship. Why was God not doing anything? We also cannot go to into our church right now and may feel like our building has been taken away from us. Has He left us?

God is not gone. The church is still there. God is working; He is at work in all of this right now. He is using the church. The Church is God’s people. Not a building. We can and still worship and minister to others. 

In Acts, Peter helped heal the sick. Aneaeas, a man paralyzed man for eight years, rolled up his mat and walked. Cornelius, a centurion, gave generously to those in need and prayed to God regularly. Your prayers and gifts to the poor have come up as a memorial offering before God. 

Today as Christians, we can help those in need. There is hope in these times. Many are donating time, money to shelters and people in need. Others are dropping off food to those who can’t go out. Some churches are opening places of safety for the homeless.  

The church is also reaching out to many, both online and through the pastoral staff. In 2 Samuel, it reminds us to bring our best to God. David built an altar to the Lord, and then the Lord answered his prayer and the plague on Israel was stopped. He will also answer our prayers about COVID-19. This virus will not continue forever. Until then, we need to be in constant prayer and start and end our day with thankfulness. Our family has spent daily time together in prayer for our family, friends, church, medical workers, nations, leaders and world. This time has really brought our family close together and brings us in a stronger relationship with God. 

We serve an incredible God who loves us very much!

Darryl Krahn

A faithful Dad, loving husband and valued friend