June 30, 2020

Scripture Readings

Wealth, status, worldly power, advantages, love, fertility, success are all the things Elisha could have asked for. But, without hesitation, he asks for a double portion of the Holy Spirit. Elisha demonstrates a life entirely void of self-pursuit and shows us the value of the Spirit. 

I love how Elisha takes the reins after Elijah is taken to heaven. He immediately strikes the water with Elijah’s cloak and calls on God. He doesn’t waste time or question God’s power now upon him.

Similarly, Paul displays a reliance on the Holy Spirit in Acts (vs. 22 - 24), declaring the “Holy Spirit testifies to me” and “I do not account my life of any value nor as precious to myself.”  

These passages demonstrate how two great men of God showed their utter reliance on the Spirit to guide them. They don’t seem to be pursuing anything the world has to offer, and they have full confidence in the power of the Holy Spirit.

Have you ever considered that we have the same access to the Holy Spirit? Might it be that we’re simply preschoolers (sorry, I have three kids under eight in my house!) with our ability to hear and believe in the power of the Spirit compared to Elisha and Paul? 

If you’re overwhelmed at where to start when it comes to listening and following the power of the Holy Spirit, read Romans 8:26. Be encouraged that the Spirit helps us in our weakness, interceding to the father on our behalf. During this time of COVID-19, when isolation from others is a constant companion, and we can’t serve God in ‘traditional ways,’ might it be an opportunity to graduate to ‘grade school’ in following the power of the Spirit?

- Just like my kids in elementary school received 30 minutes/day of school work these past few months, here’s your learning plan for the day: 

- Call on the Holy Spirit to bring to mind a person that you can pray for AND listen while you go about your day.

- Consider reaching out to that person to encourage them OR pray for them over the phone and see where the Spirit leads.  

Repeat for a few days and strengthen your Spirit sensing muscles.

Through this practice, may the Spirit speak to you and guide you in a similar way he did for Elisha and Paul. 

Theresa Reed

Mom of three, wife to Ryan, we’re the family with the big orange electric cargo bike!