Teach us

July 10, 2020

Scripture Readings

Looking at Psalm 83, we see Asaph asking God to destroy his enemies. Destroy is a strong word, and are we to pray with such language? A couple of years ago, Rick Love did a presentation on the Psalms. We discussed praying those condemning prayers of the old saints. The consensus was that there might be times to pray strongly against those who would thwart the plans of God. As to actually using the word "destroy," you and God might have to discuss that option. Asaph wanted victory so that God would be honoured. He finishes by asking that his enemies might be disgraced and turn to God. 

In 2 Kings 19, we read that Hezekiah received a message from an enemy king who brags of his many past victories, assuring King Hezekiah that he would soon be defeated. Like Asaph, the king turns to God. Verse 15 has a powerful prayer of faith: "O Lord, God of Israel, you are God, God alone of all the kingdoms of the earth." Loving God sends word to Hezekiah, through Isaiah, to say "because you prayed to Me, I have heard you." After a time, Hezekiah becomes mortally ill and again cries out to God, and God adds 15 years to his life. Hezekiah had Isaiah to encourage him. Do we have encouragers in our life, too? 

In Acts 28, Paul has been shipwrecked and lands in Malta. The locals and Paul are gathered around a campfire when a viper bites Paul. The people wait for Paul to die, but he does not. The residents assume he is a god. At the home of a leading man, in the nearby city, Paul heals the man's father. Wherever Paul went, he did not seem to be concerned with the opinions of others. He watched for opportunities to serve. Do we watch for such opportunities? 

Heavenly Father, as I read these words of your faithful men, I ask that your Holy Spirit remind us to be focused on you. What do you want us to be saying to those you bring into our day? What prayers do we say for people? How can we speak of the faithfulness of the one who sees all that is happening, and knows how to give us the grace to live with peace? Teach us, Lord. 

Donna Coutts

Wife of George, friend of many, volunteer with the Crisis Line