Make it personal

July 16, 2020

Scripture Readings

I chose to write in the first person because I believe my words will be more relatable to you, the readers.  But even more so, God’s word becomes much more personal and applicable to me in my seeking, when I replace “we” or “they,” with “I” or “me.” 

Have you tried this?

I had to revise my first words when I wrote, “I yearn to be known for my love of God, demonstrated in every word and action of my day.”  When truly, I want God and his love to be known through my words and actions. 

Paul’s words in Romans 3 make clear that God is not writing to “them,” but to you and me today. It is often easy to miss God’s truth when I don’t apply it immediately to myself. Paul writes in this passage, that as God’s chosen, I have all I need. 

Yes, like you, I have a Godly desire in my heart and mind, but, almost daily, I still deal with temptation and doubt in my focus. I often allow the world around me to tempt me with what I want or what I think I need, thinking perhaps God has missed something.  

Christian pastor/writer, Francis Chan said recently, “When Simon says, ‘Pat your head,’ I pat my head. When Jesus says, ‘Go, make disciples’, I memorize the verse.”  I want my path to be God-directed.

Like me, you may create your darkness through the “innocent” choices that you make. Whatever opposition I face each day, I am challenged to continually trust God, rather than head off in my own direction, forgetting to check his words.  I think you all recognize that place – wanting to stay faithful as a follower of Christ, but … 

I am grateful for the laws of the Old Covenant that make me aware of my failings. At the same time, I am thankful for the blood of the New Covenant, by which I am made righteous through God’s amazing grace and through my faith.

When I sometimes become consumed by what I must do, choosing to dwell in his words, I am quickly reminded that I can do all things through him, and he has promised to be with me always. It makes my way easier and more peaceful when I rest on his promises.

Carole Jensen

Wife to Dalton, Mother and grandmother to many, friend of all