Day of the Lord

July 19, 2020

Scripture Readings

Paul has been teaching us the great doctrine of justification by faith in the book of Romans. Romans 5:12–21 compares Adam's work with the work of Christ to show how sin and death came into the world and how God made a way to escape them. Adam was the first lawbreaker when he ate from the restricted tree. Adam brought sin and death to all who came after him. Jesus paid for our sin by dying on the cross, making it possible for all who believe to reign with him in eternal life.

I am a doer, which means I too often get my justification by doing. These verses, specifically Romans 5:18, help me understand no act of mine caused God to do what he did through Jesus Christ; there is no meriting or deserving. It is an absolute gift. Absolute grace.  I need to be reminded daily that my worth is in Christ.  

It is this same grace that is demonstrated in our Old Testament reading. In the final chapters of Amos, the prophet Amos is telling Israel that because they have rejected God and his prophets, God will send the "Day of the Lord." These chapters (along with chapter 7) provide a series of visions of how Israel will be destroyed. But in the final verses, Amos 9: 11-15, we see a glimmer of hope, that out of the ruins, God will restore the House of David through Jesus.  Have you availed yourself of God's gift of grace?

Oh, Lord, I pray that those who have yet to avail themselves of your marvellous grace, which is greater than all of our sin, will, in these moments, make that decision and put their faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and receive his gift – his gracious gift of eternal life. All of us who know him will rejoice in him for that wondrous grace that rescued us from sin. Thank you, in Jesus' name. Amen.

Lawrence Stalder

Northwest Calgary’s most diligent dog walker (he’s an elder too!)