He is faithful

July 24, 2020

Scripture Readings

I am writing this devotion as businesses are opening up after the pandemic and violent protests are happening in the States. I don't know where we will be once this devotion is posted, but things will hopefully return to normal. Everyone's COVID experience will have been different from my own. We have all been affected in small ways and big scary ways. Some of you will have lost loved ones to the virus, some of you will find yourselves unemployed, and all of us will have lost opportunities and experiences we were excited about. 

As our world seems to get more chaotic with a devastating virus and protests against police brutality in most cities, I find it increasingly difficult to stay focused on the Almighty. It's easy to cry out to our father, asking where he is and what he plans to do about our hurting world. Why hasn't he taken action? If God is on our side, why does he let terrible things happen to us? When things don't go the way we planned, it's tempting to blame God.

Today's passages in Romans speak about the suffering, trials and persecution we will endure. Our trials don't look the same as the ones the disciples endured, but we will be rewarded just as they were. This passage speaks of the great faithfulness and the hope we find in our powerful God. Nothing – not angels nor demons, not height nor depth, not a virus, not protests and rioting in the streets, not our doubts and questioning – nothing in all creation can separate us from his love. When we doubt and question, we can feel guilty, but God understands that we are imperfect and can handle it. Even when we doubt, God has not abandoned his people; he continues to move in and through us. His love for us is incredible, and he will forever be faithful to us. So we must follow one of the basic truths we teach in kid's ministries: I can trust God no matter what. I can trust him because he is faithful; he loves me and has a plan for me – and that plan is good.

Abby Schnell

An amazing high school student (who occasionally even acts her age!)