Anchored to hope

July 28, 2020

Scripture Readings

It would be an understatement to say 2020 started out with a bang!  

We began a new decade with hope on the horizon. Alongside this came a few times where world powers engaged in a game of “chicken”, global resources were tested by an “unimaginable” virus, crude oil prices crashed beyond the negatives and we were all sent to time out. All this within the first half of the year. How any of us handled all this was predetermined by who or what we were anchored to.

The psalm in our reading today reminds us of David’s true anchor.  David was in his lifetime a sibling, soldier, king, runner, best friend, adulterer, dancer, confused parent, unfaithful husband and most importantly, anointed by God.  In vs 20 - 23, God clearly states that (1) he would care for David; (2) his faithful love (forever) would be with David; (3) David’s enemies would not get the better of him because of God’s faithfulness.

We will all have days and moments in our lives that test us; these moments will bring us to points that where only our anchor in the truth and hope of God’s unwavering love will keeps us standing. Some of the days of this year have tested us individually and collectively as a church. They have surprised, perturbed, and alarmed us. However, I believe they have also kept us anchored to our hope and we have evolved in response. God was able to sustain David through each step, moment, phase and timeline of his life. This fills me with such gladness. I know God is able to hold us in the hollow of his hand and the enemies will not get the better of us.

In conclusion, Rom 11:32 reminds us of his mercy even in our doubts. This is important because being anchored to the steadfast hope in God does not mean we never doubt or experience unbelief. On the contrary, his mercy during those moments of doubt keeps us praying, staying hopeful, and eventually stepping out in faith.

Seyi Odewale

Elder, Project Team Lead, and has every vowel of the alphabet in her full name (including the sometimes “y”!!)